” A communication strategy that lasts more than the evanescent timing of a season. „

Our industrial design studio offers an accurate and ad-hoc communication service. Our strategy is highly evocative, centers the goal creating in the target audience emotions that stay impressed in their memory.

For this reason, we love to define the studio as a communication agency, specialized in the creation of a brand  identity through projects of corporate communications, event management and web marketing. As in the product design projects, we start from a careful reserach of the client and its costumers, in order to define the most appropriate strategy and tactics to reach our common goal.


Our communication agency develops a communication based on high quality visual products: we enhance the companies unique features creating catalogues, depliants, flyers, adverts, websites, package design, and much more. 

Our strength is our ability to understand the client needs and transform them in a visual brand identity effective and coherent, easily shareable in the global markets through strategies of integrated communication, as social media marketing, content marketing, newsletter, offline communication and so on.






Our goal is to flank our clients to transform them in a strong brand in the market through the design of coordinated visuals easily recognizable, unique and memorable. This is reached with the development of a corporate identity, through the logo design and the communication tactics, from offline to online.

> Logo Design & Corporate Identity
> Editorial Design
> Brand Packaging
> Events




The World Wide Web is the most immediate method of communication strategies. For this reason, it is important to shade light on our client on the web. We create, as a consequence, all necessary platforms, from websites to social networks, we write and edit the content to promote the company. This is possible for us thanks to specific tactics and competencies acquired during 16 years of experience.

> Web content analisys
> Website creation and management
> Social Media Marketing
> DEM (Direct Email Marketing)




The corporate identity is not completed if it is not sided by projects of event and fair presence through stands that express the core values of the company. We, in fact, offer exhibit design and event planning services. We design the spaces that, face the functional needs, communicate the strengths of the company through the design of structures and its graphics.

> Stand
> Showroom
> Brand Communication
> Flows and Layouts