Our aim is to build your dreams trough stories and projects.
As in deductive processes, we “conduct from” an idea, an intuition, to develop industrial design products and communications campigns of high quality and emotional standards. We always analyze, at the beginning, the sector of the specific projects through a deep cultural, technological and humanistic research. This is the design attitude: the basis of every success of Delinedesign.

Delineodesign product design consultancy
Our product design consultancy has roots in the continuous research for innovation.This leads to the investigation of the sector in which the client operates, analyzing market trends and consumers’ preferences. From this point, our design team operates in two directions. On one hand, internally, researching and proposing materials technologically advanced and specific to the projects. It, therefore, examines the ideal production process and gives solutions for its optimization. On the other hand, independently, but always in direct contact with every department of the company. This generates a general sharing process of knowledge and ideas, that allows us to offer the best consultant service and create products that will be successful and trends anticipators. Understanding the opportunities available in the market, highlighting our clients potential, developing design products with high technical standards, capable of connecting emotionally with the costumers: these qualities represent our competitive edge. Delineodesign, our industrial design and communication studio, became a synonym of reliability and high technical capability.

Our values
Resolution, enthusiasm and commitment to the projects are the characteristics that have always identified our industrial design studio, being its foundations. These characteristics are also the basis for our growth and numerous successes. We are a propositive and contagious team, who is able to share its enthusiasm to its clients and external co-workers.

The company’s values are four and they leave a mark in every project:
Innovation.Delineodesign team, when drafting a new product, researches for avantgarde and tries to anticipate the market trends, to become a referring point for future developments. We search for technological solutions that would make every product unique and memorable. Innovation is within our DNA.
Multidisciplinarity.“across several fields of study and research”: on one hand, we are an industrial design team composed of people with different technical capabilities and different attitudes to design. On the other hand, we are able to offer to the client a wide range of expertise. We have a sport soul, but our projects are present across very different market sectors on a global scale.
Perseverance. A unique team: we are on the side of the companies and of the production process. We follow the suppliers, we develop protypes and we accompany the client during all the phases of the product development, providing suggestions based on our experience and dedition, the keys of our success. We guarantee a continuos committment through a constant dialogue with the different departments of the company. It is our sport attitude that helps us to face every project we are presented to as a challenge to win.
Costumer oriented. The consumer is our referring point. Always. We design and develop products starting from the user experience research. Therefore, all projects represent truly a high standard of industrial design: being performing, immediate, in use and shape.

Our added value? The attention to human relationships. For that, reliability, safety and availability are necessary characteristics. Our clients are sided in every phase of the project development, with solutions focused on satisfying every type of request.


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