Our headquarter, in addition to being a work space, is a place where is possible to create new connections to share and learn.

The aim of the project designed by the architect “Roberto Nicoletti Architecture” was to create a strong architectural sign, while maintaining the historical memory of the original building and its functional metamorphosis. In order to adapt the structure to the new function, he uses for the outer covering a “skin” of  high efficiency: a ventilated wall with concrete slabs that gives a contemporary aspect to the building, in addition to the quality of thermal insulation.
The choice of the building was motivated by several factors: the search for a post-industrial structure to be recovered, the possibility of a sustainable operation, giving new life to buildings fallen into disuse, without affecting new areas in an already saturated urban fabric.

The architectural sign is accomplished by placing a container on the content (or wrap) and creating a dialogue between them through the holes: a Renaissance practice, as Leon Battista Alberti did in the Malatesta Temple in Rimini or Palladio in Basilica di Vicenza. In this way, the architecture demonstrates not to be ephemeral, but able to regenerate itself and assume new functions and images, while remaining always contemporary in their own time.