The dream into a concrete form: design products that outline the future

DELINEODESIGN is an industrial design studio operative in many design fields, created from the mind of Giampaolo Allocco, who has always been passionated about Industrial Design.
Delineo, from the Latin “the person who draws”, is flanked to the English word design: a composed word carrying the competencies acquired during the years of activity, but always looking to the future.

The beginning
Giampaolo started his career in the product design sector of sport industries, acquiring capabilities and technical competences. Due to his involvement in the creative process, from the idea to te production, he is able to draft products of high technical and aesthetic quality. From this point, his curiosity for the industry world lead him to feel the need of studying, in order to acquire new perspectives from those acquired during his past work experience. The leimotiv of his different experiences is the Industrial Design.
At the end of his Masters in Industrail Design at the Italian School of Design in Padova, he takes a managerial role in an important design and communication studio, where he gather important knowledge about communications for big international corporations. This last experience drafts Delineodesign organizational structure.

The origin of Delineodesign studio
The studio was funded in 2000 in Montebelluna (Treviso), global centre of the sportsystem: a strategic choice, for its industrial and productive recognition on a global scale and its founder’s work experience in the development and production of sport products. Since the beginning, the competencies and the method of industrial design itself represent the leimotiv that allows the industrial design team to draft a wide variety of products in different market sectors. The collaborations for product design consult with global leaders in industrial and technological advancement, the studio implements also integrated communications services, that translate in the development of corporate brand identity and projects of visual branding and web design.

So far, we have completed many projects and won many awards, 12 of which are international prizes won in the last four years. In 2013 the studio defined its identity with the construction of its headquarters. The office become the centre of the creation process, dialogue and sharing of innovative ideas with everyone wishing to work with us.