” Design spreads culture. Working on a design project means sharing knowledge, values and capabilities. „

Delineodesign, industrial design studio, has a specific goal: developing innovative products, with an intriguing design, able to create an emotional tie with costumers. Connecting technical development and product functionality towards the industrial design allows us to bring into the market products that can give answers to the highlighted needs, bringing also a technological advancement.

From a deep and specific research, sided by all departments of the company we work for, to the following creative phase, we offer our industrial design consultancy to develop successful products.

It is an integrated service: starting from the concept development to the end product, beginning with drawings and sketches, developing 3D models and finally displaying renders and prototypes. As consequence of our work, in numerouos occasions, we have highlighted new production methods that allowed the client to shorten the timings and simplify the product design manifacturing.

Every product is developed as a system: the project is faced paying the same attention to every step, because we believe that every phase of the product development and its further developments are essential.




delineodesign: servizi di industrial design


The success of a product comes from the careful analysis of the referring market, of the company and its competitors. This initial phase is the analytic briefing with the client, where the goals to achieve are highlighted. An important step in the research phase is the analysis of new technologies and new materials that are considered the most suitable for the development of the product. Afterwards, we develop a strategy to simplify the following design and development step.

> Analytic brief
> Technology and material research
> Market & Target Mapping
> Brand Analisys
> Target Definition

> Concept development & product design
> User Analisys




delineodesign: servizi di industrial design


Our basis for the industrial design lies on the study of the product, the company and the referring market. This research helps us in defining a product idea that will be the leitmotiv of the entire project. Around this concept the designers will create the first draft on paper. The project continues with 2D design and then perfected in details to create 3D models. Each one of these steps is followed by a meeting with the client, to update and share ideas and possible changes. The last step is the presentation of more than one completed proposals, among which, one is chosen to be developed and produced.

> Mood Panel
> Concept definition
> Sketches
> Detail Design
> 2D Design
> 3D Design



delineodesign: servizi di industrial design


The prototyping phase is of fundamental importance for the future industrial development of the product. It allows us to highlight any potential criticality, to find solutions before the production starts. The project finishes with the production and its market entry. During this last step, we closely follow the production in order to guarantee that the production standards are respected. Sometimes, we are also able to offer simplified solutions for the production.

> Rendering
> Pre-production
> Prototyping
> Assistance to the manufacturing start